21 11 / 2012

[Something I wrote shortly after Thanksgiving last year, for a community magazine/site … Happy Thanksgiving!]

A rather odd thought popped into my head the day before Thanksgiving, out of the blue: “I am Thanksgiving.” I think the Thanksgiving holiday is great! What’s not to love about a day centered on gratefulness, family, and good food? I also love Christmas, for mostly the same reasons, though I would never say “I am Christmas.” 

I went for a run on Thanksgiving morning and, amid the gold and red autumn leaves that adorned the trees along my way, reflected on my year to that point. It would come to a close soon, and although it hadn’t been all smooth sailing, I had enjoyed it, even the challenging bits. Most of the things I had been concerned about had either already been resolved or solutions were in the works. The answer to one rather substantial personal dilemma that I had been struggling with for some time had come to me in a flash just a couple of days earlier. I was surprised I hadn’t seen it sooner. It was so simple and beautiful! I was happy and grateful and already telling my family and friends about it.

I then started musing on that thought from the previous day and had an epiphany. “I am thanksgiving” perfectly embodies the kind of person I want to be, the way I want to live my life, what I want to be known for. It’s a different way of saying, “I give thanks,” or “I am grateful” … but it’s more than that. I want to live in a state of being grateful and I want to voice it. Often. “I am thanksgiving” goes a step further, I think, than simply being thankful or being grateful, which can be done rather passively.

So I now proudly affirm that thanksgiving is not just something in which I participate on occasion, or in the back of my mind, or once a year while gathered around a table with family and friends and football games and heaping plates of food. May gratefulness and thanksgiving always be a part of who I am and permeate everything I say and do.

I am thanksgiving, and I’m always going to smile about something!

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